dewdrop_world SuperCollider tutorials

This site is a work in progress, something of a dumping ground for tutorials, discussions of SuperCollider programming issues, and anything else I feel like putting up here.

They are quite old now, and I haven't maintained these pages. I don't make promises that everything will work. Also, code downloads are in the RTF format that the old SuperCollider Cocoa app used. I don't have time to update all of them right now. You'll have to convert them to plaintext yourself.


These are not beginners' tutorials. They assume a basic understanding of SuperCollider's syntax and synthesis structure. However, even without this understanding, feel free to read on to get a vague idea of what's possible beyond the elementary.

I intend these documents as intermediate discussions--having learned the basics of writing synthdefs and simple pieces, where do you go from there? What are some programming habits and techniques that will reduce wasted effort in the long run?

If you need more basic instruction in SuperCollider, check out these resources.


Code examples are contained within boxes.

"This is SuperCollider code.".postln;

You can copy and paste the code into a SuperCollider window and run it there. Alternately, each tutorial comes with an RTF file containing only the code from the tutorial. Download the file, open it in SuperCollider, and try it out.

Certain words and phrases are highlighted in green. Position the mouse pointer over them to see a short additional explanation.

If you have any comments or questions about these documents (and especially if you find mistakes!), feel free to contact me.

-- ddw