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h. james harkins

Dr. H. James Harkins is a composer of electronic music, with 20 years’ experience in a variety of styles ranging from academic/experimental music to techno, house, breakbeats and ambient. He earned his Ph.D. in music composition in 2001 from Duke University, where he studied with Scott Lindroth, Stephen Jaffe and Sidney Corbett. He has produced fixed-media works using a variety of software, and currently specializes in live performance with computers. He is an active user of the SuperCollider programming language for live, interactive audio, and contributes code and documentation to the project. He is currently an Associate Professor in the Modern Music Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music in Guangzhou, China, teaching electronic music production, film music and sound design. He has performed and lectured in Washington DC (USA), Birmingham (UK), Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and Nanning (China), Seoul, S. Korea and Tokyo, Japan.

Recent acoustic works include Binary Codes for computer and ensemble (premiered May 2016), a Theme and Variations for reed trio (May 2015), Meditations on “Myu Mhaung Wai Kin” for oboe, bassoon and electronics (August 2015), and Fantasia on “Liu Sanjie” for flute, bassoon and electronics (March 2013). His recent electronic music activity focuses on an ongoing live-coding project, Process Prototype, with periodic performances since 2014.

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Please use Facebook or Douban to reach me. Because of spam, I have had to disable emails from this site. Time permitting, later, I may install a captcha but I don't have time right now.

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