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Chucklib-Livecode v0.2 released

With some trepidation, I’ve just pushed out v0.2 of my chucklib-livecode extensions for SuperCollider. The major new feature is Generators.

Previously, a pattern string had to be hardcoded; it could only play exactly the same every time. A cll generator is an object that wraps a SuperCollider pattern, so that it can be embedded into a cll pattern string. For example, if you want a hi-hat pattern with an open hi-hat on the “and” of 3, and a 90% probability of a closed hi-hat on every other 16th-note in the bar, now you can write:

/thh = "\wrand(" .", 1, 9:randRhy(0.25, 1))|| -|\wrand(" .", 1, 9:randRhy(0.25, 1))";

Generator support called for a redesign of the way parameter values are represented in the phrase patterns generated by cll. The only user impact is that it’s now simpler to use arrays in the abstractLiveCode parameter map.

The PDF manual has been updated here: Link to manual.

Update: I found a mistake in the documentation. This is fixed, and re-tagged as v0.2.1. I’ve updated the links on this page.

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