h. james harkins, composer

H. James Harkins is a composer of electronic music for live performance, based in Guangzhou, China in the Modern Music Department of the Xinghai Conservatory of Music.

Photo: Elaine Marschik

A demonstration of live coding in SuperCollider.
Youku link for Chinese readers.

2016-10-05: chucklib-livecode v0.3

I’m releasing chucklib-livecode v0.3, with a major update to the generator framework. It is now much easier to compose generators together, to get complex behaviors from simple functions.

I’ve also cleaned up the new version to be released as a Quark extension for SuperCollider. It isn’t in the master Quark list yet, but soon (I’ve submitted the pull request, awaiting approval). In the meantime, you can install it directly:


Some demonstrations:


2016-05-21: Performances: Just done, and upcoming

Brief update, after too long:

Images after the jump.


2015-10-22: Chucklib-Livecode v0.2 released

With some trepidation, I’ve just pushed out v0.2 of my chucklib-livecode extensions for SuperCollider. The major new feature is Generators.


2015-09-10: New page: SuperCollider work

I’ve just added a page describing my SuperCollider work. Check it out!


2015-09-03: New school year, new website

On the eve of the 2015-2016 school year, I decided that my website wasn’t representing my work cleanly and clearly enough: strange color choices, busy backgrounds and weak layout. Also, the content had fallen far out of date. Time to do something about it.


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