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Early release: ddwLivecodeInstruments

Just released: An early version of a new SuperCollider Quark, ddwLivecodeInstruments, a set of ready-to-play instruments for my Chucklib-livecode system. Along with this, I’ve added a Tutorial section to the Chucklib-livecode manual, which uses the new instruments to get users started quickly.

I’m looking for testers to read the tutorial, try the examples, and play with them. Details below the jump.

Chucklib-livecode runs in SuperCollider, version 3.8 or above. (Version 3.7 might work but is not extensively tested with this suite.)

Chucklib-livecode Installation instructions are in the PDF manual. All the required components are released as Quarks. If you’ve installed git version-control software, SuperCollider can download and install Quarks automatically, so I recommend:

  1. Install git: https://git-scm.com/downloads. You don’t need to run anything in git — just have it installed.

  2. Launch SuperCollider (IDE - Integrated Development Environment).

  3. Run Quarks.install("ddwLivecodeInstruments").

If I’ve set up the quark dependencies correctly, it should go fetch all the pieces automatically. This might take some time, and you won’t get much feedback onscreen. Be patient.

Then skip ahead in the manual to the Tutorial.

Here’s one of the tutorial examples, playing a beat on an 808-ish drum machine.

TempoClock.tempo = 124/60;

/hhh = ".-.-.-.-";

/tsn = " - -";

/dk = "o| o| _o |";

// mixing board
/hhh => MCG(0);
/tsn => MCG(1);
/dk => MCG(2);


Problems or questions? Email me or use the Chucklib-livecode issue tracker.

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